Image Transformation - FULL Editing Tutorial DVD with Rosie Hardy

**CHRISTMAS UPDATE!! The cut off point for DVD shipments is the 12/12/2013! UK Deliveries may still make it but please be aware that due to my work schedule I cannot post every time an order is made, and usually I do one posting every two weeks, but try to do more around Xmas as I realize most people want them before the 25th :P Should you miss the cut off point, feel free to email me and I can do my best to help!***

I am pleased to announce that my very first editing tutorial DVD is finally available!! This has been months in the making, I even bought a whole mac computer just to be able to use some decent screen capture software! So very proud and excited that this is now available for everyone. 

I am shipping worldwide - the paypal button above will automatically convert currency and include shipping! The first month's batch is a flat £4 before I see how much it costs me :P hehe so get that rate while you can!

For any questions, please shoot me an email at!

Image Transformation - Selection DVD

I am pleased to say I have now released a lower cost DVD for those with more limited funds. This DVD contains 5 of the tutorials from the main DVD. This is ideal if you are just looking for a taster of my editing techniques, if you are comprehensive with GIMP/editing and simply looking for certain answers, or if you are a beginner trying to find if GIMP and the techniques I use are right for you. 


The full set DVD consists of 3 discs. The DVD contains 20 editing tutorials - each between 30minutes and an hour long. These are step-by-step screen capture footage (with my lovely voice-over) of many of my conceptual images from start to finish.

There are also tutorials which cover a range of editing techniques - including the basics and tools of GIMP, the editing program I use. Please note that these tutorials are completed with the GIMP editing program, and YES it's fantastic! It is very similar to photoshop - with the advantage of it being totally FREE. You can download it from, should you wish! There are no techniques or tools I use on GIMP for which photoshop does not have an equivalent - infact, everything I do is pretty straightforward and easy to grasp!

The Selection DVD consists of 1 disc, with 5 editing tutorials. These include 4 images start to finish (see bottom of page) and a tutorial on the Basics Of Gimp.


Image Transformation - Full DVD costs £99.99.

Image Transformation - Selection DVD costs £49.99.

You can pay via paypal, or alternatively email me personally if this is not an option for you and I can provide you with bank transfer details.


*hello very important!*

All orders made will be shipped together every two weeks, starting with the week of September 17th 2012. Please do not wait by your letterbox, assault your postman or leave me angry messages if your DVD does not arrive before then! After the first few batches have been tried and tested (need to make sure everything runs smoothly!), I'll then be able to speed up shipments and get things running nice and fast!


Here is a sneaky preview of what happens in a tutorial. This video, of course, is actually 40minutes long and has been clipped, muted and speeded up then squeezed into a handy little youtube video.

The 15 images edited from start > finish in the Full Editing Tutorial DVD! There are also 5 more tutorials - Basics of GIMP, Wedding Editing 1 and Wedding Editing 2, Airbrushing and Retouching and Editor's Note.

The images featured in the smaller Image Transformation DVD 2 - £49.99

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