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Escape Route - Editing Tutorial & Image Pack Option (1hr+)

£20.00 GBP

Learn how to turn a plain wall into an escape route into another world. This 1hr editing tutorial covers removing plug sockets and shadows, expanding walls to any size, knocking holes in them, editing scenery behind and colour toning in Lightroom & GIMP. All tutorials are recorded using free software (GIMP) and techniques are easily transferable to Photoshop. 

Also included as an option with this tutorial is a pack of 9 Images (5 poses) so you can create your own surreal worlds! 

Please note: Any images created using this image pack should not be used commercially, or sold on for any financial gain, in any form. Please use them to create your own ideas, using your own stock imagery and concepts, and share them as personal work.  Remember to credit & tag me in any images shared online :-) 

(Any obscene, defamatory or commercial use of these images will result in legal action.)

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