Image Transformation - FULL Editing Tutorial DVD with Rosie Hardy

Online Download - DVD

I am super pleased that following 2 years of selling my editing DVD "Image Transformation", it is now available for online download :D If you would like to purchase a copy, you can now do so using the paypal button. Once payment has been cleared you should receive a dropbox download link within 24hours! Woohoo!!! Happy editing guys, and thanks so much :D

For any questions, please shoot me an email at!

Image Transformation - Selection DVD

The full set DVD consists of 3 discs/folders. The DVD contains 20 editing tutorials - each between 30minutes and an hour long. These are step-by-step screen capture footage (with my lovely voice-over) of many of my conceptual images from start to finish.

There are also tutorials which cover a range of editing techniques - including the basics and tools of GIMP, the editing program I use. Please note that these tutorials are completed with the GIMP editing program, and YES it's fantastic! It is very similar to photoshop - with the advantage of it being totally FREE. You can download it from, should you wish! There are no techniques or tools I use on GIMP for which photoshop does not have an equivalent - infact, everything I do is pretty straightforward and easy to grasp!

The Selection DVD consists of 1 disc, with 5 editing tutorials. These include 4 images start to finish (see bottom of page) and a tutorial on the Basics Of Gimp.


Image Transformation - Full DVD costs £99.99.

Image Transformation - Selection DVD costs £49.99.

You can pay via paypal, or alternatively email me personally if this is not an option for you and I can provide you with bank transfer details.


Here is a sneaky preview of what happens in a tutorial. This video, of course, is actually 40minutes long and has been clipped, muted and speeded up then squeezed into a handy little youtube video.

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